About Us

Zion Lutheran Church is a modern faith family with deep roots.

Late 1800s

Zion Lutheran Church was founded under a charter signed on March 17, 1861.  Lincoln had just been sworn in as President.  The Confederate States of America had formed under Jefferson Davis and the attack on Fort Sumter was only a month away. Some might say it was a bad time to start a congregation but the foundation of their Christian faith would be source of certainty and strength in uncertain times to this family of faith


After World War II , the congregation began a search for land once more. In October of 1950, the congregation purchased land at the corner of Carlyle and McClintock in Belleville.  A school and parish hall were built in 1954.  Five additional classrooms and a church-school library were added in 1962. Ground breaking on a new church began in March of 1961 and it was dedicated in April of 1964.


2001 found Zion  once again expanding. That fall terrorists hijacked airplanes and flew them into the Pentagon and the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York.  In the midst of construction, a family of faith gathered to pray and to acknowledge the strength and peace that come from the Lord in tumultuous times. The church entry area was expanded and upgraded and the school was nearly doubled in size.  Elevators, handicapped accessibility, and early childhood facilities were included.


A changing world and a technological revolution are changing how we do ministry though not the message of the Gospel. Ongoing upgrades to technology at both church and school are a mark of the new demands of the information age.  Together, we seek to be followers of Jesus who connect deeply with Him and with one another;  grow mature as disciples through the study of God’s Word; and serve Him personally, locally, and globally.