Our Beliefs

The Trinity: We believe in the Triune God (3 in 1): Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Sin: We live in a world damaged by the invasive virus of sin.  Sin broke a perfect relationship between humans and God. Jesus’ life death and resurrection  made a way for us to be restored in relationship to the Trinity.

God is revealed in Jesus: We believe that Jesus is the son of God, a person of the Trinity, and that faith in Him brings each person forgiveness and eternal life.

Grace:  We believe that forgiveness and eternal life are gifts from God that we cannot hope to earn. Jesus ransomed us from the punishment  by sacrificing His life to pay the price for our sins on the cross.  Faith is the way in which these gifts are received and it too is a gift.

The Word of God: We believe that the Scriptures are inspired by God and are without error. Daily reading and reflection on God’s Word causes faith to grow and brings a deeper knowledge of God.  The Holy Spirit is active in this process.

Baptism: We believe that Baptism is commanded by God and that through it we become adopted as God’s children and is a means of Grace.   Since Grace is a gift that is not earned or chosen but received; and since even little children are included in Christ’s command to let the littlest ones come to Him, we practice infant Baptism.  In those who are older, we acknowlege that the Holy Spirit may grow faith  before Baptism as the Word is heard. The Word then leads each new believer to Baptism.  If you would like to plan a Baptism, please call the church office at 618-233-2299.

Holy Communion: We believe that the Lord’s Supper is commanded by God and is a means of Grace.  The mystery of this sacrament is that Christ is really present offering forgiveness through His body and blood in with and under the bread and wine. Holy Communion is celebrated weekly.  The 1st and 3rd Sundays it is offered at 8:00 AM.  The 2nd and 4rd Sundays it is offered at 10:45 AM. It is offered at both services on 5th Sundays.

There’s so much more.  Why not include us on the map of your spiritual journey?  We invite you to visit, to ask questions, to check us out… more importantly to check Jesus out.  To connect with a pastor, call us at 618-233-2299.