Online Worship with Zion

Zion live streams both Sunday morning worship services as a way of bringing God’s Word to those who cannot come to receive it. Especially during the pandemic, this has been an important way we support those who are sick or in quarantine, must work on Sunday morning, or are traveling.
While we believe it is best to gather in person as the Bible suggests (Hebrews 10:24-25), we are thankful for the ability to serve those who require the flexibility of online services.
Here are some Best Practices for Online Worship:

1. Participate
Worship is verb! We hope you will enjoy being actively involved by taking notes, singing the songs, and speaking the words of the creed and prayers with the congregation—just as if you were with us in person.

2. Gather
If you are around others, gather with those who can attend online services with you. Worshipping with others reminds us that we are not alone in our faith and connects us to the broader Christian community.

3. Give
Our combined donations allow us to respond in gratitude for all God’s blessings. In this way, we participate in the work God is doing in our families, our community, and the world. When worshipping online, you can still take part in this spiritual practice by clicking the “Give” button at the top of this website.

4. Connect
We love to hear from our online participants! If someone shared a piece of music, you may thank them for their service. If you have a question about the scripture readings or would like to talk with a pastor, we’d be happy to help with that. Call 618-233-2299 or email

Please complete an online connection card so we know you joined us online.


Sunday Services

8am & 10:45am


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Kurt & Jessica Wampole

As a military family faced with frequent moves that take us away from family and friends, the selection of a loving church family is of utmost importance.  Moving is especially difficult on our children, so finding a church where our boys feel at home is always a top priority.  We are so blessed to have found Zion!  Zion wasn’t the first Lutheran church we visited after moving to the area, and there are a few Lutheran churches closer to our home.  However, another military family recommended Zion to us, and we knew after one visit that it was going to be our new church family.  We were immediately welcomed with open arms, and our kids melded right into the thriving youth program.  After 5 years of membership, these bonds are only growing stronger!  We love the friendliness of our fellow Zion members, the close friends we’ve made, and the way our boys are growing and developing in the youth ministry.  Moving to a new city and state is always difficult, but being welcomed into a church family such as the one we have here at Zion, makes the transition that much easier.

Greg & Jen Boyer

Our kids are 4th generation members of Zion Lutheran Church and 3rd generation attendees of Zion Lutheran School. The community at Zion is so supportive and strong; just couldn’t imagine our lives without it. From care during difficult times to joyous celebrations of new life at the baptismal font to hard earned team success at school sporting events, Zion is woven into every aspect of our lives in the most fantastic way. We choose Zion to boldly worship our gracious God with a family of precious believers. And we choose Zion’s school to teach our children’s minds and hearts, building them up to be on fire for Christ. We choose Zion everyday, always. We are richly blessed!

Aaron & Jamalyn Koch

Hello, we are the Kochs! Being a lifelong Zion member, I was happy to get married at Zion, following in my parents’ footsteps. We’ve felt called to continue attending Zion and make it our family’s church home. We believe that regularly attending church and worshiping Jesus together, as a family, continues to have a powerful impact on us and our children. Being able to worship as three generations, together in one pew, is a cherished tradition, and we love that Zion encourages our kids to worship alongside us. Our family has also benefited from Bible studies that Zion offers us and our children. Growing up at Zion gave me an opportunity to form a solid faith foundation in an encouraging faith family, and I want that loving environment for my children so they may flourish in their faith as well.

Darrin & Jessica Baack

God used a job opportunity 16 years ago as the means for bringing us hundreds of miles to Belleville, and then He led us the rest of the way down the road to Zion. It was at Zion where three of our children were baptized and where they all enjoyed, and the younger ones continue to enjoy, a Christ-centered education at Zion’s grade school.  We are blessed to be part of such an amazing community of believers, and we consider Zion our second home and the people of Zion a second family. We are thankful for the Pastors, teachers, staff, and all who make Zion what it is. Opportunities for worship, service, and fellowship have enriched our family over the years, and they continue to be an integral part of our daily lives. We are grateful for everything that Zion has done for us, and we thank God daily for leading us here.

Ron & Judy Schield

My great-great-grandfather was one of the original signers of Zion in 1861. I was baptized at Zion, went to school at Zion, and confirmed at Zion. Judy was also confirmed at Zion. We married in 1961 at Zion, and our 4 children were baptized, schooled and confirmed at Zion. I am a 5th generation member. So, Zion chose me. All the glory to God.

Mary Neher

I joined Zion in 2003 when I moved to Belleville.  I visited a number of churches before deciding on Zion.  I felt a connection with the pastors and service.  I also loved the music which has only gotten better!  I immediately felt at home.  There are lots of ways to become active at Zion.  I’ve volunteered in the school, church and even went on a mission trip.  With no local relatives in the area, Zion has become my family!

Mark & Kristin Weymeyer

Mark and I joined Zion before we were married, looking for a spiritual home for us and our future family. Zion Belleville has been just that. We felt welcome and comfortable from the start. We like that the messages each week are scripturally based and relatable. The options for traditional and contemporary worship experiences were a huge draw for us. There are many faith opportunities we’re excited to explore as our family continues to grow!

Bob & Shannon Schmidt

Back in the fall of 1993, Bob and I moved to Belleville, IL, from Alison Viejo, CA .  We church hopped around for 6 months, before Bob said, “ I have been driving by that Lutheran Church for 31 years, let’s give it a try, and they have a Christian school for our future kids.” So that Sunday, we attended Zion’s worship service, and we were welcomed by friendly faces and a wonderful pastor who preached God’s word with accuracy and passion. 28 years later, we are so thankful the Holy Spirit directed us to Zion. Our family grew up in this wonderful, Christian environment full of mercy, grace, love and support. As we walked through challenging times of brain surgery, heart surgeries, death of loved ones and challenging life situations, we had our church family around us. Our kids attend Zion Lutheran School, attended Lutheran camps, Lutheran Colleges and all met their wonder spouse through those places. We are thankful for this incredible body of leaders and believers who have pointed us to Christ and loved us through it all.

Ryan & Michelle Schiffner

Zion is home. We often describe our family as a five-ring circus, with all the adventure and craziness that goes along with it. Zion’s diverse portfolio of ministries, that span every ago group, offers us opportunities to serve our community. When we’re the family that’s struggling, these same ministries help our brothers and sisters in Christ come alongside and support us. Through Zion, we’ve been able to Connect, Grow, and Serve.

 As a military family, our adult life has spanned 6 states, 2 OCONUS assignments, and 9 congregations. Zion is the best church we’ve come across, it’s our home, and it’s the main reason we intend on returning to the Scott AFB area after our military career is over.  God blessed our family through Zion, and we hope he does the same for you.”