Zion’s Member Resources Page houses many of the forms needed for the administrative side of Zion’s ministries. If you have any questions, please call the church office at 618-233-2299.

Zion’s Endowment Committee

The Endowment Committee provides seed money for new Zion ministries or new initiatives for current Zion ministries. The committee is always looking for more requests to review to assist growth in different areas at Zion.

The committee has two forms they need you to complete when requesting and then after funds have been awarded and used.

The Zion Endowment Fund Request Form is to be completed when you are requesting money. Once you have completed the fund request form, please email it to The church office will forward the request to the Endowment Chair.

Zion Endowment Fund Request Form 8.10.22.docx

The Zion Endowment Impact Report is to be completed after you have received and used the funds to document the impact that the endowment funds provided.

Zion Endowment Impact Report 8.10.22.docx

Facilities and Equipment

Any time that you would like to host a community or personal event in one of Zion’s many spaces or borrow equipment such as tables and folding chairs, please call the church office at 618-233-2299 to discuss availability on the date you are requesting.

If the date is available, the Senior Staff will review the request at the next regularly scheduled staff meeting, and the Church Office Administrator will contact you about the decision.

If your request is approved, you will need to complete the following form(s) that apply to your request. The first is the Facility Use Policy – this form is for using any of the Zion facility spaces. The second is the Policy on Personal Use of Equipment – this form is for borrowing Zion’s equipment such as folding tables and folding chairs.

Facility Use Policy Rev 7 COVID.docx

Policy on Personal Use of Equipment .docx