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Scavenger Hunt!

Fun for all ages!

Grab some family or friends and join the Photo/Video Hunt on Sunday, April 10th!
Hunt goes from 1-3 pm and wraps up at Zion at 3:30 pm for video/photo entertainment and awards and prizes.
$20 registration fee per team (one team per vehicle).
Register your team here.

All teams welcome- families, couples, friends, neighbors,
grandparents and grandkids!

Ready to play? One person from your team will need to
download the “goosechase” app. If you still have the
app on your phone from last year, you do not need to
redownload it. After you have registered your team at the link above, you’ll receive an email with Zion’s game
code and further instructions before the 10th. Game goes live at 1 pm on the 10th, jump in your car and
start completing the missions! Share picture or video proof on the app and track your opponents’ progress too!

Join the Hunt! Join the Fun!